Baci Lingerie Sexy School Girl Outfit

November 14th, 2014

baci-lingerieBaci Schoolgirl Outfit (£24)

Play the role of the naughty schoolgirl out for a good spanking with this sexy lingerie outfit that will have the guys screaming and salivating.

The outfit consists of a super-short mini skirt and sheer crop top with a plunging neckline that shows off your legs and cleavage for maximum impact.


Zombie School Girl Costume

January 13th, 2014

zombie-school-girlZombie School Girl Costume (£15)

Men are such freaks that if you put a zombie in a school girl uniform, every man would stop and volunteer to have a chunk of their flesh bitten out!  Just think what this zombie school girl uniform will do to them when it’s wrapped around your sexy curves!  They’ll risk having their brains sucked out, so long as there’s a chance you might suck something else at the end of the night!

Naughty Schoolgirl Lingerie Costume

September 20th, 2013

schoolgirl-lingerieSchoolgirl Lingerie Costume (£21)

This ‘barely-there’ naughty schoolgirl lingerie costume will leave you barely legal in the eyes of any man who sees you.  Give every man who passes you the classroom fantasy of the their life in this oh so naughty and revealing sexy schoolgirl lingerie costume.  Features a pleated tartan micro skirt and see through blous

Japanese High School Girl Sailor Costume

September 26th, 2012

sailor uniformJapanese Sailor Schoolgirl Costume ($90)

Nothing in the world compares to the innocent sexiness of the Japanese High School girl sailor costume.  If you’ve ever wondered why Japanese schoolgirls are fetishised all over the world, dress up in this and see the drooling looks that the men give you, and you’ll understand why!

Imported directly from Japan for $90 (around £60 or so – currency rates can vary).

Hustler Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit

June 8th, 2012

hustler sexy schoolgirlHustler Sexy Schoolgirl (£26)

Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination!  This is simply the naughtiest schoolgirl costume around – Hustler seem intent on raising the blood pressures of British men through the roof!  A pretty tartan plaid skirt and matching tie, with little else to hide your assets except a sexy pair of shoulder straps!

School Girl Knee High Socks

May 5th, 2012

knee high socksSchool Knee Socks (£3.99)

Men will wax lyrical about tartan plaid skirts, or a striped tie, or unbuttoned white blouse, but let’s face it – it’s the innocent white  knee socks that really sends their temperatures soaring, and with which no sexy school uniform is complete without.

Note that most of the school girl costumes sold online do not include this essential piece of kit!!

Sexy School Girl Costume

March 6th, 2012

sexy schoolgirlSexShop365 Sexy Schoolgirl Costume (£33.25)

Become the object of every real man’s fantasy as you put on this naughty costume and become the sexy school girl of your lover’s dreams.

Simple and classic black and white school girl costume that will leave any man who catches you in it wanting to spank your naughty ass with a ruler…and that will be just for starters!

Wear this and men will be queing up to give your not so innocent self some hardcore sex education!

Naughty School Girl Costume from Rene Rofe

January 11th, 2012

rene rofeRene Rofe School Outfit (£22.29)

Bring out your inner naughty schoolgirl with this incredibly sexy and daring school girl costume from Rene Rofe.

Very short and revealing, the outfit is composed of an ultr a high tartan school skirt combined with a matching tie and garter.

The skirt has been designed to skim your bum and to bring out the shape of your cute school girl derriere!

Irall Sexy School Girl Costume

December 1st, 2011

Irall Sexy School GirlIrall Sexy School Girl Costume (£24.99)

A really sexy and different school girl costume that will be sure to get you to the top of the class!  This sexy school girl outfit is composed of a silky blue satin skirt, short blouse and a small elasticated necktie.

If you’ve got the body and you dare to bare then this is one of the sexiest and most revealing adult school girl costumes you can buy – free delivery from LoveHoney.

Red Tartan Naughty School Girl Costume

November 14th, 2011

exposed varsity uniformVixen Naughty School Girl Uniform (£24.99)

Roll back the years and become the naughty school girl again, turning all the guys heads eager to pull up your school skirt and give your misbehaving sexy behind a good spanking!

The highlight of the costume is the very brief red tartan mini-skirt, but guys might be paying even more attention to your fully mature breasts, framed as they are by a sheer body stocking with open cups.

This is one of the  naughtiest and most daring school girl costumes we have reviewed.  Also comes with a sexy tartan school tie.